Barry Hayden’s exciting new band

8 01 2011

For any of you in the Columbus area, you owe it to yourself to check out Dantes’ singer, Barry Hayden’s new venture, the Professors.

I recently caught one of their shows around Thanksgiving and I was knocked out. Barry is having the time of his life with these cats and I can see and hear why. All seasoned vets of the scene, they lay down a groove and have a killer 2 sets of all mid 60’s tunes that will either have you on the dance floor or tapping your foot thru the whole kit and kaboodle! Early Stones, Animals, garage band goodies and no chit chat between songs; just movin on ahead.  Check YouTube also for some audio and video and if you are on FaceBook type in The Professors and hear and see for yourselves.

Fun fun fun and glad Barry hasn’t hung it up; his is still one of the great stage performers from the 60’s.

Groove on Barry!!!


Need an address or email address for Doug Grassel

3 06 2010

If any of you out there  know how I can get in touch with the Ohio Express’s Doug Grassel, please reach me thru this blog. I have a very important message to get to him.



Happy Belated Birthday Mark Lance

30 05 2010

All of us at Infernofest would like to send a birthday shout out to the Es-Shades’ Mark Lance who had a landmark birthday this past week. I have known Mark since about 1966 and have to say that he has kept his good looks thru the decades and been a good friend.

Hope you had a rockin birthday Mark and was good to party with you last Saturday at your “surprise” birthday party at Club 42!

Columbus Blues Legend, Willie Pooch, gone at 74

9 05 2010

I was sad to get a phone call the other morning from buddy Hal, saying that Willie Pooch had died. Although Willie never graced the stage of Infernofest; his good pal, Dave Workman, has been a staple at Infernofest and thru Dave I got to hear Willie quite a few times over the past 10 years. Dave and Willie played off and on together for decades and most times that Dave would fly home there would be a gig or two with Mr. Pooch.

Willie had diabetes and last I saw and heard him was at a benefit held for him not that many months ago. I will post some photos of Willie over the years and next time you hear some great blues, tip your glass to the memory of Willie Pooch!

Benefit for Willie Pooch

Mohican Blues Fest 2006 with Willie Pooch

Dave Workman, Willie Pooch and Ric Collura

Happy Birthday Barry Hayden

28 04 2010

All of us at Infernofest want to send out a big Happy Birthday to one of our favorite singers; Barry Hayden, who will be a year older on the 29th of April.

Barry Hayden at the Rock Hall

Music for 2010 from Infernofest friends

27 04 2010

Lynn Wehr, of the fabled Columbus Dantes, has a band that still gigs, called the Neighborhood Boys. Not much happens in the summer for them but they do have two gigs for any of you in the Columbus area.

They will be playing Eldorado’s (Morse & High) on July23 for Lynn’s class reunion but the gig is open to the general public and then a gig in the fall at a cool place called Mudflats Bar and Grill in Galena Oh. Will update with any others and remember to get out and hear live music whenever possible!

Infernofest 2004

22 02 2010

2004 musicians all grace the stage

Mark Lance, bassist for the Es-Shades

The Es-Shades Mark Lance and Richard Carmichael

Jake Medley and Travis Weber of Duff

TJ, Matt, Jake and Travis

Dance Dance Dance

Deb from Hospice makes her speech with me at her side

Dale Powers of Sir Tim and the Royals/Ohio Express

Dean Kastran of Sir Timothy and the Royals and Ohio Express

Mike Brumm, Tom Fallon and Lou Vogel with The Ohio Express

Mark Norris and original Sir Timothy and the Royals member Doug Grassel

Ohio Express/Sir Timothy and the Royals

Lori, Sue and Nancy

Wildlife singer Lou Basso

Wildlife/Owen B Singer guitarist Terry Van Aucker

Wildlife/Owen B's Tom Zinser

Flying in to play with his friends in Owen B is Dave Workman

Dave Workman, Terry Van Aucker and TJ Patton

Mike Brumm and boys jammin

Infernofest Jam 2004

Pat Wasemann joins in on the jam

Mansfield's Ronnie Hughes

Infernofest 2004 was to have been the final Infernofest since the inception in 1999 but those who knew me best, knew I was just deluding myself. But, at that time we THOUGHT this would be the final ode to 60’s music out of Mansfield Ohio.

We brought back the young, hot band from Shelby, Duff, for a 2nd year to wow the crowd with their take on all things 60’s. And they sure did not disappoint.

The Wildlife, of whom Tom Zinser and Terry Van Aucker, have always been great friends to Infernofest, welcomed their original singer from the 60’s Louie Basso. Lou had left the band in 1967 but we were tickled pink to find him living in Westerville and up for the task of performing in his old stomping grounds again. Tom’s son, Jake, was on drums this year and one of Infernofest’s faves, Dave Workman, flew in to play with his old friends, Tom and Terry.

The Es-Shades of Northern Ashland County were the popular attraction back in 1965 and released two singles in the mid 60’s that are highly valued today. They didn’t play the Mansfield circuit as much as they played other areas but they have a huge fan base and we thought they would be a great addition to Infernofest. We were bummed that original guitarist, Cat Rood (Cathy Fissell) had work committments that didn’t allow her to travel home and reunite with her old bandmates but we all welcomed originals Mark Lance and Rich Carmichael to the stage. They were joined by guitarist James “Herbie” McCain and Kirk Starn on keyboards.  Was fun to see Mark and Rich play together and to hear the live versions of “Anyday, Anywhere” and “Without my Love”. Check your closets and attics…..those 45’s are worth some big bucks!

Infernofest 2004 also saw original members of Sir Timothy and The Royals/The Ohio Express play together! Don’t know how long it had been since they all performed together but know it had been a long long time. We had Tim Corwin, Doug Grassel, Dean Kastran and Dale Powers pumping out their hits! They were joined by Mark Norris, Mike Brumm (both who have put in years and years with the band) and also Tom Fallon and Lou Vogel lent a hand. Jeff Reeder did the honors of drumming for the night.

This was the last Infernofest to be held at the Commerce Center. For some of us, it felt like a home away from home. We loved the huge stage and the catacomb of rooms behind the stage. We were so welcomed by the staff there who loved the great crowd of people we brought each year.

We had great press for this Infernofest and we happy to raise a good amount of funds for Hospice of North Central Ohio. I got Deb Gerard from Hospice up on stage for a short speech. We truly believe in Hospice and have been proud to give our money each year to them.

Mike Brumm was the host with me again. We never got to go to the prom together so this event each year makes up for it. And Larry Woolsen who held the teen dances at the “Inferno” in the 60’s was on hand and got up for a few words and to introduce his old friends, the Ohio Express.

The All Star Jam was again alot of fun with most musicans jamming along with Mansfield’s Pat Wasemann and stage hand and gonzo guitarist Ronnie Hughes joining in the fun. I always hate to see the night come to an end but these guys did it right up till we pulled the plug.